Around Montreal last week

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog this past week as I’ve been away in Montreal doing the ‘Search Engine’ shows at the SAT (Société des Arts Technologiques), I fly back to the UK this evening so I’d like to share what I’ve seen and done all week. It’s three posts until the 1000th entry so I’ll set the scene before the big 1k reveal. First off, I’m sure anyone who’s visited Montreal will know that it’s a city full of great street art and unique architecture, once hosting Expo 67 (the Buckminster Fuller dome is still there if not in its former glory).

The view above was taken from the 15th floor of the CBC building (Canadian Broadcasting Company) where I was doing a mix for a late night show, Bande a Part, the Fuller dome is just out of shot on the righ. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to make it over to the old site but I’ll be back and then it’s top of the list. It’s impossible to walk around though without being confronted by huge murals, graffiti pieces or interesting signage, the best of which I’ve put in the small gallery here.

Pat Hamou, an old friend who worked for Ninja Tune North America and was responsible for suggesting this whole project to the SAT, had curated an exhibition of screen printed gig posters called Music On Paper which was held in the crypt gallery of a church. It’s just finished but there were some great posters on display including the one he designed for my gig.
The next two posts are quite content-heavy so I might not get time to post them before I leave, more when I return to the UK…

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Poster for the SATosphere shows

Only a week to go until the full dome shows at the SATosphere in Montreal and here’s a poster that Pat Hamou has worked up to be sold at the venue. These will be printed in metallics, can’t wait to see that!

*UPDATE: you can now purchase the remaining posters here from Pat via Etsy.

There’s still work to do before I press the final render button but here are some screen shots I’ve been posting on Facebook.


The Herbaliser – There Were Seven album

The Herbaliser return on October 8th with their 7th album proper, (not including Session 1&2, Herbal Blend, Herbal Tonic etc.), ‘There Were Seven’. There’s a loose concept at work within the album, which I don’t want to give away too much of but there are a myriad of clues in the titles, lyrics and graphics to a narrative that runs through much of the album.

I’ve kindly been asked back to design the record, which will be available on vinyl, CD and download plus a very limited special vinyl package from their own Dept. H label. Full details of the ltd. vinyl are yet to be finalised but even the standard vinyl will be a special package and I’m looking forward to getting that one back from the printers.

The album features vocals from MCs Ghettosocks, Muneshine, Timbuktu, George The Poet and vocals from Hannah Clive. A promo single, ‘The Lost Boy‘ will be doing the rounds soon with remixes forthcoming from The Colman Brothers, 2econd Class Citizen and more…

Prometheus fan art

Fan art for a film yet to be released – but obviously with a long legacy to live up to.

The first illustration above did the rounds nearly a year ago it seems, masquerading as concept art. Nice image in an intriguing ‘what if?’-type way and a decent illustration too.

The image to the left was made into a mock film poster using a similar illustration of the Space Jockey sans gun / steering wheel / whatever it is he’s sitting in.

Then there’s Midnight Marauder, whose tumblr is full of poster and DVD covers, both real and fake, for films like Prometheus, Alien and Aliens and Blade Runner. There’s so much good stuff on there, take a look.


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More posters from Scraffer

Yet another batch of posters arrived from Scraffer (via Henry Flint) to be signed and then sent out to buyers. Above is a small selection of doodles by Henry for the Madman’ print, of which every one has its own bespoke illustration by Henry inside the thought bubble. I think these are close to selling out now whilst the ‘Life Cycle of a Machine’ print is definitely sold out – don’t worry if you ordered and didn’t receive one yet, I just signed the last batch. The ‘Cosmonaut’ print below is also still available as we made that in a higher run.

Only 3 more days to catch the Pure Evil exhibition

That’s right, it’s all coming down, Monday 13th Wednesday 15th * extended for 2 more days* so if you want to see original Henry Flint artwork for my album, original 2000ad comic art for Judge Dredd, Nemesis, Deadlock and the like, original drawings from Henry’s book ‘Broadcast’ (on sale as a cheap price too), buy limited signed prints or just marvel at some nice pics of me in a spacesuit – best get along there before it closes on Sunday night. It’s at The Pure Evil Gallery, 108 Leonard St. London, open 10-6 Friday /Saturday, 11-6 Sunday – free entry.

If you can’t make it, here’s an audio tour and some pictures, courtesy of Strongroom Alive.

Pure Evil Gallery artwork photos

[singlepic id=3645 w=640 h=480 float=left]

Yesterday I finally had time to go back to the Pure Evil Gallery to take some photos of the work in situ, I didn’t have time on the night as there were too many people and we didn’t finish setting up until the last minute. There are a few reviews online of the show by Contemporary Talks, Scraffer and Inkymole with one promised by Art Review too.

Pure Evil Gallery special prints

I’ve had a few inquiries about the limited prints available only through the Pure Evil Gallery for the duration of the show as I mentioned them in the recap from last Thursday. Sorry if it’s not been too clear but we decided at the last minute to make them available as they were going to be a one-off just for the show.

There are two giclée posters available from the Pure Evil gallery for the duration of the exhibition (on now until Feb 12th), the prints are as follows – ‘Octopus’ (from the ‘Magpies, Maps & Moons’ cover – above) and ‘Beats Per Second’ (from the ‘Shape Of Things That Hum’ – below).

These are both editions of 33, come signed by the two of us and anyone can order via the web or phone too here, you don’t have to go to the gallery personally. They measure 64.5cm x 47.1cm, cost £60 each and will be mailed out a few weeks after the exhibition finishes.

The previous three prints – ‘One Man’s Weird…’, ‘Life Cycle of a Machine’ and ‘Cosmonaut’ are also available to pre-order from the gallery or from ‘One Man’s Weird…’ is a signed edition of 33 at £65 and each one comes with a unique doodle in the speech bubble by Henry Flint. ‘Life Cycle of a Machine’ is a signed edition of 33 at £60 and ‘Cosmonaut’ is a signed edition of 100 at £55.

Here’s how they all look framed up at the exhibition: