New Ninja Tune release pre-orders

Two new Ninja releases with tracks by myself and 2econd Class Citizen. Loka‘s ‘Temporary External’ EP has remixes from us both of tracks from the forthcoming album ‘Passing Place’.

My EP – ‘Magpies, Maps & Moons’ – is the last in the trilogy before they get compiled into a new form on the album due in January 2012. Both are available to pre-order from the Ninjashop as digital downloads with mine also coming in 12″ form too. Click the covers for previews and direct order links.

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Magma DJ bags

I can’t say enough good things about the bags and DJ equipment that German company Magma makes. DK and I have been using them for a while now and they have the suss to tailor some of their kit to exactly fit the airline baggage size restrictions which mean we can take these onboard when we fly because they fit in overhead lockers. Check out their new catalogue, they pretty much have a bag for every need and they are all customisable with pull out compartments. They also make laptop stands, covers and sleeves, headphone and needle bags and more.