DJ Food / Henry Flint signed print update

The prints of ‘The Life Cycle of a Machine’ arrived this morning, and are now all signed and ready to be posted out by Thanks to all who bought them so far, there are still some left if you missed it first time round and we will be announcing the second print soon. For more details see here, all prints are high quality giclee and come signed by myself and Henry Flint.

DJ Food – Magpies, Maps & Moons CD promo

Not for general sale but I bet there will be a few out there as journalists hear it, go ‘WTF?’ and sell them to their local record store. The 12″ should be at the label later this week, full photos when I get it. This is the final of 3 EPs and is released on 12″ and download on Nov 7th. ‘The Search Engine’ album will be out Jan 16th, 2012 and features versions of 12 tracks taken from the EPs, plus some exclusive bits.

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DJ Food – The Search Engine final cover image

Both Henry and I are very pleased with this final image, a true collaborative effort in every sense. I came up with the concept of a cosmonaut hanging in space, strapped into an unfeasibly large backpack, the kind you could only wear in zero gravity. He was originally to be suspended from the huge cylinder from the ‘Shape Of Things That Hum’ cover but we needed a bottom to the piece.

I asked Henry to illustrate all sorts of protrusions to attach to the image and additional pipes attaching the cosmonaut. In typical Flint style we went way above and beyond and illustrated a whole circular machine! This changed the whole composition as I felt it would be stronger with the cosmonaut suspended in the centre and then set about colouring both elements.

I bounced a myriad of different versions back and forth to gauge his opinion, some very rough and messy, others clean. We both agreed there was something missing at the end and, upon hearing the ‘Colours Beyond Colours’ track from my album, Henry suggested some sort of light beam or prism. I went away and tried a ton of lens flares and light effects to finish it off.

DJ Food – ‘The Search Engine’ track list graphic

I think this might be one of my favourite designs for my own music, this is the track list for the album believe it or not. I’ve really been into circular designs for the last few years and I had this idea ages ago and had to save it for my own stuff. Such a shame artwork for music is getting smaller and smaller and I keep doing hyper-detailed stuff like this. Would love to see this on a 12″ picture disc one day, colours might change though…