Mike Hinge at 80

According to Ivan over at OnyxCube – the no.1 Mike Hinge resource on the web –  Mike would have been 80 years old today. To celebrate he has all sorts of special treats that he’s dug up to show including typeface designs and memories of old friends so go and check his site out, it’s a goldmine.

Over here though I’ve got a lovely selection of images saved by my good friend Elisa from various lots on eBay that were auctioned around 2003 when his estate sold a lot of his work on. Amazingly she forwarded me a whole folder she recently found on a hard drive that she’d kept, she also won the Kiwifan 10 piece (included here left). The images aren’t great because they were taken by the auctioneer but I’ve tried to make them look as good as possible – thanks Elisa!

Transformers 3 posters

Going to see Transformers 3 at the Imax on Friday (after TF2 I’m not expecting much but, giant robots in 3D can’t be ignored). Here are two variants on a poster that will be given away at the Arclight cinema, Hollywood for the midnight screening tonight. The artist is Jesse Philips and the gold variant will be available to buy sometime Wednesday online.

Jean-Pierre Yvaral

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The Op Art work by Jean-Pierre Yvaral, the son of Victor Vasarely, three posters from Paris, 2000. This was from one of his final exhibitions whilst he was still alive as he died in 2002. One of the posters is signed.

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Mike Hinge

Mike Hinge was an illustrator, typographer and graphic designer, born in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1931. Early in his illustration career he worked for the largest ad agency in New Zealand before moving to Los Angeles, where he attended the Art Center of the College of Design. In 1966 he moved to Manhattan, where he worked as an art director for several ad agencies. His graphic designs were notable, and his colorful and psychedelic illustrations appeared on numerous science fiction paperback books and magazines during the 1970s, including Analog, Mediascene, Heavy Metal, Fantastic, and Amazing.

Hinge also did design work for 2001: A Space Odyssey and produced illustrations for mainstream publications like Time magazine, including covers featuring Richard Nixon and Emperor Hirohito. He was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist in 1973, plus nominated for 6 Locus awards in the ’70’s. His designs for typefaces and graphics won him several awards and were exhibited, including a show at the Brooklyn Museum. A book about his art The Mike Hinge Experience was published in 1973 and he featured in the 1982 artists anthology The New Visions. He died of a heart attack in 2003 and still remains relatively unknown outside of the sci-fi community, for more info check out Ivan Richards’ Onyx Cube blog for many examples of his original artwork.

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Moebius exhibition in Paris

Moebius poster I was in Paris last Friday, playing at La Machine, but upon waiting for the Eurostar the next day I saw a poster for a Moebius Exhibition at the Foundation Cartier. Gutted not have known this was on earlier as I could have seen it before I left. The link above takes you to the exhibition site with a wealth of info, images, beautiful videos of Moebius drawing and mouth-watering merchandise, check the pencil sets below.

Moebius pencils 2Moebius pencils 1