Rammellzee ‘Gothic Futurism’ interview for Mo’ Wax from 1995

Enlightening interview with Rammellzee from 1995, great story about a bet he had with Jean-Michel Basquiat. It was available on a 12″ at the Mo Wax exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery late last year but was way too expensive (like everything there). The original post was from the excellent MoWaxplease.com where there’s more background info from Ed Gill who made the interview plus a full transcript.


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Zonatape box

I found this lovely little Zonatape box at Spitalfields market last Thursday, great colours and design. It housed, not a reel of tape but some home made date calculators with odd painted patterns on the back. Later the same day I found this op-art plate in a charity shop, I like the way the turntable poster from the Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal magazine looks like it’s exploding out from it.

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Comic Oddities

Various oddities clipped from vintage comics past: ‘Cassette Adventures’ – don’t remember these? ‘This Could Be Your Head’ – hmmmm, indeed. Some great original Star Wars toys ads, love the way they’re already billing it as, ‘the greatest movie of all time’. Check the Spidey-warns-against-sexual-abuse ad! Love the design of the Timewarp logo and the spread of vehicles on the ‘Vrrroooooomm’ ad.

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Working, recordable 4 track Moog on Google today in commemoration of Robert Moog‘s birthday – wish I knew how to control the thing. Click the image to go to the page, mess with the filters to control sound, numbers on your keyboard will play notes, click the red button to record track one, then play back or record track 2 as 1 plays back.

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Build The Search Engine

The record for this so far is Anders with ‘about a minute’, can you beat that? The album is out today at long last, very happy to finally have that particular monkey off my back, just the exhibition to sort and hang for this Thursday and then it’s off to France for gigs, developing the dome show more and adapting the various elements to the regular DJ sets. You can buy a variety of formats of the album from here, it should also be available on iTunes, Amazon (it has explicit lyrics apparently), Bleep and through all the usual channels.

Marshall McLuhan ‘The Medium Is The Massage’ reissue

And here it is! After at least 18 months since I supplied a quote to Noah Uman for his reissue of ‘The Medium Is The Massage’ celebrating 100 years of McLuhan‘s record of the book, it finally dropped through the letterbox this morning. It’s gorgeous, full deluxe mini LP style CD sleeve, 40 pg booklet and all in the style of the original (check my copies of the LP and books below).

I’m sharing page space with some pretty esteemed commentators too: Warhol, Woody Allen, Steinski, Don Joyce, Jello Biafra, DJ Spooky… The CD is out on Five Day Weekend (who also have releases from Edan, Mr Chop and the ’80 Blocks From Tiffanys’ DVD) on December the 12th. Well worth it, a unique record, history, literature, social commentary, cut and paste and comedy all rolled into one.

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