Marvel Star Wars #1 variant covers

Star_Wars_1_Ross_VariantBecause Disney now own Star Wars as well as Marvel they are relaunching the monthly titles previously published by Dark Horse in 2015 in anticipation for the new film in December. They’ve gone a bit over the top on the variant covers for this one – around 30 different ones apparently – here are some of my favourites starting with Alex Ross‘ version of the first ever Star Wars comic cover in his own style, very clever. Check the slightly less snooty depiction of Leia :)


Star_Wars_1_John_Tyler_Christopher_Party_VariantThis one by John Tyler Christopher both hints back to the original post-film tales of the original comic (yes there used to be a green humanoid rabbit as part of the cast at one point) and also tips a nod to those old Mad magazine covers of the 80’s.

Star_Wars_1_Christopher_Action_Figure_VariantMore retro love with this version – again  by John Tyler Christopher – in the style of the old toy packaging, I wonder if there’ll be a monthly variant with a different character each time?

Star-Wars-SkottieThis Skottie Young image comprises three titles: Princess Leia, Star Wars and Darth Vader, that join to form one panorama.
Star-Wars-1-Daniel-Acuna-Heroes-FantasiesAnd there had to be a Boba Fett one didn’t there? (in fact there are several) I like the pulp feel of this one by Daniel-Acuna and Leslie has pointed out in the comments that it’s a take on The Amazing Spider-man 129 which was the first appearance of The Punisher.


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Rave Wars 3 ‘The Return of the Old School’

Now the circle is complete. Just in time for the launch of the first Star Wars 7 teaser trailer (you may have heard about that) comes the final installment of the Rave Wars trilogy. You should know the drill by now – 7″ vinyl, this time in Sith Lord black or Tatooine orange, packaged with a random character from the original series of SW figures (nothing after ’83). Two rave tracks with Star Wars themes, this time by Luke Vibert and Killa Productions. Available now from Balkan Vinyl – be quick, very limited!

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Beautiful film posters from Hungary

2001: Space Odyssey (1968, r.: Stanley Kubrick) – Grafika: Gyárfás Gábor, 1979
Amazing film posters from Hungary via this website – plenty more there too, including the Star Wars ones I featured a while back.
Fahrenheit 451 (1969, r.: François Truffaut) – Grafika: Kemény György

Eolomea (1972, r.: Zschoche Hermann) – Grafika: ismeretlen

Phase IV (1974, r.: Saul Bass) – Grafika: András Andor, 1980

A New Hope (1977, r.: George Lucas) – Grafika: Felvidéki András, 1979

Alien (1979, r.: Ridley Scott) – Grafika: Helényi Tibor, 1981 és egy ismeretlen művész

RoboCop (1987, r.: Paul Verhoeven) – Grafika: Helényi Tibor, 1987

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 promo films

I’ve been giggling along with these this morning with my kids who are extremely excited that Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is out today. This (in case you’ve been living under a rock) bolts the Star Wars franchise to the Angry Birds games and it’s done extremely well and with great humour in all the designs and promo.

It’s one of the SW franchise spin-offs that they got right and now it’s the turn of the prequel characters to get a turn. Which means you get to play as Darth Maul, General Grievous, Anakin and yes, even Jar Jar. Despite that there are some beautifully crafted promo films which I’ve honestly had more enjoyment watching that the whole prequel trilogy put together. ‘Boba’s Delivery’ has a brilliant moment with Vader and a carton of juice and Darth Maul‘s spot is just as cute.

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R.I.P. Carmine Infantino

Very sad to hear the news that Carmine Infantino passed away the other day. I remember him from the time he used to draw Star Wars Weekly in the late 70’s as his distinct style stood out despite who was inking his work that week. As a result, he’s probably one of the first American comic book artists I noticed along with Micheal Golden‘s work on Micronauts. I didn’t have access to US comics at that time aside from the random samplings you could find in the spinner racks of some newsagents.

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Impressive, most impressive

Bidding ended today on a collection of Star Wars figures on eBay, rather a LARGE collection by anyone’s standards, in fact this is supposed to be over 85% of all Star Wars figures of this scale ever produced since 1978. The collection of nearly 2,000 figures was sold for $11,500 and were donated by one-time ILM model maker Fon Davis to benefit the Rancho Obi-Wan charity.

I’ve taken these images from the eBay listing, each shelf is a large jpeg which you can zoom into by clicking. SW figures aren’t personally my thing save for a few of the older ones from my childhood but that is a collection and a half.

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Star Wars Angry Birds trailer

[youtube width=”640″ height=”380″][/youtube]
I’m not going to comment on the recent Disney buys Lucasfilm story or the current media scramble to find out who will be starring and directing because… honestly, I don’t give a shit. As I posted the other day, the other SW franchise hook up is with Angry Birds and I have to say, this is very well done. My kids play the game and if the new films failed to sell it to a new generation then this is a good start on the next one.

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