2econd Class Citizen album preview megamix

May I present for your delectation: a personally mixed, sliced and diced preview of 2econd Class Citizen‘s forthcoming album – ‘The Small Minority’.

I’ve been lucky enough to hear it in progress over the last 2 years and it’s changed and developed to a point where it really all holds together as a complete album rather than a collection of separate tracks.

This is definitely up there alongside DJ Format and Pepe Deluxé as one of my albums of 2012 already. It will get compared to DJ Shadow‘s older work but the folk stylings and Aaron’s violin playing set it apart. If you enjoyed 2009’s ‘A World Without’ album – available to listen to in full here – then this is the logical progression.

This mix is available to download from Bandcamp but it’s only streaming via Soundcloud at the moment. It was a real labour of love and I think I managed to get elements from all the tracks in there at some point including a remix of the single ‘Outside Your Doorway’ – see if you can untangle it all when you listen to the LP.

The full album is available on Equinox Records on May 25th, on CD and double vinyl with a gatefold sleeve plus digital download (Juno will have it a week early). The artwork you can see below is by label boss Gunter Stoppel, the man responsible for the overall look of the label as well as the day to day running of it.


Solid Steel – Yppah 1981 & DJ Food KKK7 preview

Mine and Yppah‘s mix from last night’s Solid Steel – without chat, you can listen to me and Jon fluff our lines over on StrongroomAlive if you want. Yppah’s mix contains tracks all released in 1981, and, coincidentally, ends with Kraftwerk’s ‘Computer World’ before we get a taste of half of the Kraftwerk Kover Kollection vol.7 which debuts here tomorrow in full.

DJ Format vs DJ Food – Solid Steel mix

Last nights’ Solid Steel mix from Strongroom Alive, sans speech, DJ Format provides an exclusive 30 minute mix and I finish the hour with the same. Tracklist:
DJ Format

Natural Yogurt Band _ Pot Head _ Now Again
Beta Hector feat. Shane Hunter _ Oracle Bones _ Tru Thoughts
Edan _ Rap Beautician _ Humble Mag
SPOX-PHD _ Brilliance _ Correct Technique
Hero No.7 _ Roots Of A Hero _ Hero Records
DJ Soul Shock _ Wild Beats(edit) _ Solid
Nino Nardini _ Malaysia _ Crea Sound LTD
Mr Chop _ Monolith Voodoo Vibes _ Jazz & Milk
The Jon Bartel Thing _ Freak Show _ Capitol
Them _ I Keep Singing _ Happy Tiger

DJ Food

The Stepkids _ Suburban Dream _ Stones Throw
Steinski _ Some Dreams Are Meant To Happen _ mp3
DJ Shadow _ Border Crossing _ Island
Pepe Deluxé _ The Storm _ Catskills
Eagles Of Death Metal _ I Only Want You _ Ant Acid Audio
C-Mon & Kypski – More Is Less (DJ Food re-edit) (unknown)
Tom & Jules – Version Galore Solid Steel jingle (mp3)
A-Ko _ dfuuu _ mp3
Jacky Chalard _ Superman, Supercool _ Cache Cache
David Vangel _ Sandpaper Script _ Equinox
The Creatures _ Mad-Eyed Screamer _ Polydor
A-Ko _ brake _ mp3
DJ Format _ Spaceship Earth feat. Edan _ Project Blue Book

Kraftwerk month on DJFood.org #1

I’ve decided to make March ‘Kraftwerk month’ on the site, which means I’ll be posting something Kraftwerk-related every day at least. This had been bought on by the recent news of the 8 night residency at MOMA in New York and the subsequent fact that no one I know has managed to get a ticket.

Volume 7 of my on-going Kraftwerk Kover Kollection mix series is way overdue so I plan to have that done by the time the group play their back catalogue (I should attempt vol.8 as well but back in the real world…). Volumes 5 and 6 are already on the web but, due to my old host site BosBos.net no longer being active, I thought I’d put the first four up here as well, one a week, starting with volume …1.

The one that kicked it all off in April 2004, some quite obvious choices here when you start to think of cover versions, don’t worry, they get more obscure as the mixes progress. I’m always on the look out for new versions so please send suggestions but don’t be offended if I don’t include them in future mixes as for every one that makes it, four or five won’t as I’m looking for the odd and left of center rather than the multitude of straight electro / techno covers that are also out there. Also included here is the original artwork I did for the mix: front/back and CD on-body.

British Council ‘The Selector’ radio mix now online

The 30 minute mix* I did for The Selector is now on Soundcloud featuring a section of the forthcoming Amorphous Androgynous remix of ‘The Illectrik Hoax’ plus a new unreleased 2econd Class Citizen track amongst others
Show 547 – DJ Food in the mix by British Council


Neil Norman – Re-Entry
DJ Food Vs The Amorphous Androgynous – The Electric Images In My Mind (Never Die)
DJ Food – Prey feat. JG Thirlwell
2econd Class Citizen – Stop 2 Wonder
Jane Weaver – The Fallen By Watchbird
Plug – Mind Bending
Fracture & Neptune – Trapped In Time

*This is actually only half of the mix, the full, hour-long mix will go online in two weeks

Japanese ‘Solid Psyche’ mix CD in the Ninjashop

There are limited quantities of the Japanese exclusive mix CD, ‘Solid Psyche’ available in the Ninjashop right now. I did this as a freebie for independent stores alongside the domestic CD version of ‘The Search Engine’ for Japan. The tracks are all taken from Ninja, Big Dada, Counter & Brainfeeder releases and Ninja have a limited amount for sale so don’t hang around.

You might also notice a little digital release called ‘The Good Food Guide’ in the link too. This is a 23 track retrospective compilation spanning the DJ Food canon from 1990-2001, sort of a catch up for people jumping on at the new album.

365breaks with free Steinski download

Marcin Cichy from Skalpel and plug audio mastering had been running a project posting a break a day for the whole of 2011, to give loops for free to let producers sample and create with. As we’re on the last day of the year he has a very special treat for everyone – a downloadable track by Steinski, made from some of the breaks on the site.

All loops will be available to download in 2012 so go and check them out and grab your free Steinski track in the process.

DK – Cymatic Frequencies II Part 1

Check this exclusive preview of DK‘s new AV mix – ‘Cymatic Frequencies II’. This is, hands down, the best intro to any video mix I’ve seen yet. Yes the main footage is taken from the film ‘The Third & The Seventh’ but the way he’s overlaid the footage of the speaker into each scene is beautiful, watch it twice, I missed a couple the first time round. Also the minimal placement of the typography within the frame perfectly compliments the clip. It’s like an issue of Wallpaper come to life (sorry DK).

[quicktime width=”636″ height=”380″]http://www.djfood.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Cymatic-Frequncies-II-intro-web.mp4[/quicktime]

This is the kind of thing I want to see in video mixes, high quality, well designed and thought out sound and vision, he’s raised the bar here and it has been steadily rising all year with Mr Armtone, Hexstatic and DJ Cheeba helping put Solid Steel at No.1 in the iTunes video podcast chart. Debuting on Friday via Solid Steel you’ll be able to see and hear his best of the year round up, and this is only part 1! There’ll be a second session coming before the year is out.

The keen-eyed among you might have also noticed that there’s a new Solid Steel logo book-ending this clip, this has been in the works for nearly a year, batted back and forth and through all sorts of changes in between a million other projects and we finally nailed it last week. Here are a few of the myriad of versions we discarded.

DJ Food – A Magpies, Maps & Moons Reader mix

As the release of my new EP is imminent (Nov 7th) I’ve put together a special mix entitled ‘A Magpies, Maps & Moons Reader’, available on Solid Steel this Friday, to showcase it and the tracks that influenced me whilst I was making it.

I’m very pleased with this one (there are mix companions to the previous EPs in the Downloads section of this site) as I spent a long time doing special re-edits and remixes on some tracks. It also contains a couple the premiers of tracks by Pepe Deluxé and 2econd Class Citizen from their respective albums, both due next year.

If you like what you hear you can pre-order the EP here.

Solid Steel Radio Show 28/10/2011 Part 1 + 2 – DJ Food by Ninja Tune

DJ Format & The Simonsound mix for Paris DJs

The Simonsound is Simon James and Matt Ford (DJ Format). Sometimes we make music together and sometimes alone and maybe that’s a bit confusing but we don’t mind as long as people enjoy the music. When we started making music together as The Simonsound we didn’t want people to associate it with the music of DJ Format because it is so completely different but eventually we decided to let people know and just judge for themselves. The mix is a selection of Psychedelic/Electric records from around the world collected by Matt and put together by Matt & Simon. DJ Format‘s new album A Statement Of Intent is due for release in Feb 2012. Reverse Engineering by The Simonsound is available on Vinyl,CD & MP3.” (DJ Format)

A new mix from DJ Format and Simon James from The Simonsound for the Paris DJs site. I was also lucky enough to here a remix Format has just finished for a forthcoming Soundsci release, Hip Hop is alive and well is all I can say.

Soundcloud’s new Spectrogr.am plug in

This is my KLF mix ‘The Sound of Mu(sic)’ as visualised with the new Soundcloud plug in Spectrogr.am.  It doesn’t seem to like Firefox at the moment (maybe I should update) but it works in Safari fine.

My Boards of Canada mix came out a little weird round the edges, I added the colour as I couldn’t get the colour on Spectrogr.am to work for love nor money.

Mat Ducasse / Skylab mix CDs now ready to order

Remember this a few weeks back? Well, they are available to order now if you send a ten pound note in an envelope to:
Matty Skylab c/o The Bootstrap Company, The Print House, 18 Ashwin Street, London, E8 3DL.
They are also asking people to include with their order anything related to The Night Sky – Space, Planets, UFO’s, Space travel etc for a mail art project.