Supersonic 2003 photos

More photos found on an old disc; from that time I played at the Supersonic festival in Birmingham alongside The Bug, Coil, LCD Soundsystem, Kid Acne, Req, V/Vm and more. Above, a young Kid Acne, below, Edna soundchecking with Req-1 and Remark (I think?). Req live-painting 12″ sleeves outside and Lucy McLauchlan‘s Beat 13 plane installation. Lastly, The Green Man sculpture by Tawney Gray, just outside the main square where the festival was held.


This year’s Supersonic, now 21 years old, happens at the end of August over 3 days

Dust & Grooves 2 and Portables books

After being interviewed for the Dust & Grooves site over a decade ago and interviewing Kieran Hebden for the first book I have been heavily involved in the follow up – Dust & Grooves 2 with creator/photographer Eilon Paz. Accompanying him on many trips around the UK to interview noted collectors like Andy Votel, DJ Format, Alex Paterson, Zoe Baxter, Trevor Jackoson and Tom Ravenscroft was a treat and I also conducted a transatlantic interview with old friend Eric San aka Kid Koala. The full book contains way more and clocks in at 650 pages, to be released this October alongside a reprint of the first D&G volume with a new cover and also available in a 2 in 1 slipcased edition.

Not only that but Paz also shot a second book in parallel; Portables, a visual history of over 200 portable turntables from around the world – the guy is a machine. Also available this October, you can find out more about all these and sign up to be notified once they are up for pre-order over at the Dust & Grooves site. There’s more in the pipeline to come too so sign up to stay in the loop.
D&G 1

D&G 1+2

UNKLE + Futura 2000 at the ICA, 2003

Photos I recently rediscovered on an old disc from the UNKLE/Futura 2000 exhibition at the ICA in London, 2003. This was the artwork that became sleeve material for the Never, Never, Land album and surrounding singles, painted in panels and exhibited alongside various toys and ephemera for a limited time. A unique Futura Bearbrick figure was also produced for the show as well which I still have although I’ve bought and sold numerous FT2 toys over the years including the clear multi figure set and the Pointman action figure seen here.


Electrik Collage show #4

Oh happy day! My monthly radio show continues, the next episode streams today at 2pm-4pm, Friday July 5th wherever you are in the world. Featuring bits and pieces from the in-box, recent buying trips whilst trying to keep a good portion of it current or new. There’s a huge chunk of music from the Cheeba Cheeba Record label – is this the new trip hop? 2econd Class Citizen, Vanishing Twin, Pye Corner Audio, Suzi Analogue and tons more over the two hours. There’s also an intriguing KLF re-edit from Frenchbloke which gives ‘What Time Is Love’ a different feel plus a killer post-rave tune from The Joy that I dug up from the early 90s.
Listen at ROVR radio, download the app to get archive access. APPLE or ANDROID

Show #4 tracklist July 2024

DJ Food – Electric Collage #40
T the Human – Tune In
Suzi Analogue – Like GoGo ft. NappyNappa
2econd Class Citizen – Return To Yesterday
Bugseed – Macaroni
Kuja – Stoned Days ft. Bugseed
Deadchannel 9000 – Overload
DJ Food – Electric Collage #23
2econd Class Citizen – Know Less
Bugseed – Crystal Morning pt.2
Dokbrass – Labour of Love
Vanishing Twin – Afternoon X
Dr.Doppler – 10 00.dibz
Chilla Ninja – I revolve around science
Emperors New Clothes – Twister
Vanishing Twin – Marbles
Shankar Family & Friends – Lust
DJ Nio – Es Campur
DJ Food – Electric Collage #2
The Joy – Shine (Hyperphoria Mix)
Pye Corner Audio – On the Clock
The KLF – What Time is Love (Pure Trance) (Frenchbloke in 8T version)
Suzi Analogue – Watch Me Jump [AXIS Version]
Praise Space Electric – Diggin’ At The Dig In (Break Mix)-mastered
Captain Ring – Cock (Super Disco Fakes)
Santaka – 555
Pye Corner Audio – Chronos
DJ Food – Electric Collage #5
Concretism – Automated Teller Machine
Lion Chorus (Scene Two)
Broadcast – Follow The Light
Patrick Carpenter – What Monet Heard

More psychedelic poster miscellanea

(above) Acid Mothers Temple poster for their Holy Black Mountains Detour tour (below) A tribute to Skip Spence poster by Fez Moreno both courtesy of Neil Rice.

Mike McInnerney prelim poster for the Hoppy documentary screening at the Tabernacle recently (colour to be added)

Hoppy poster B+W
Holy Man Jam Seven Day Venue original handbill by The Family Dog, 1969 – unsure the artist here.

Holy Man Jam
February – March, 1967 at Filmmakers’ Cinematheque, New York – restored from a faded image found on the web, possibly from the Sterling Morrison collection (see Velvet Underground mentioned at the bottom)

February 18, 1967 at Filmmakers' Cinematheque, New York.
Two Exorcism of the Pentagon Anti-Vietnam posters, 1967 – pink mandala designed by Peter Legeria, black and white by Martin Carey – more information on the event here

Excorcise the Pentagon

Ritual Exorsim of the Pentagon poster

Upside Down Records in store – Saturday July 13th

Upside Down Records poster web July 13th
This one has been on the cards for a while, an extended Saturday afternoon in store at Upside Down Records alongside my partner in crime Hannah Brown. We’ll both be spinning randomly all afternoon while you browse the racks at South East London’s finest new used record emporium – Upside Down – brainchild of ex-Rat Records manager Philippe Giron as I’m sure you will know if you read this blog regularly.

Buy Music Club Recommends July 2024

BMC July 2024
It’s July already – here’s 10 records that have been floating my boat recently, some fantastic club tracks full of breaks and twisted electronics from Reso, Kursa/Ben Pest, Suzi Analogue, ScanOne and MBM, psychedelia from Long Distance Dan and FSOL, 4th world jazz from Santaka and analogue ambience from Listening Centre and Concretism.
My next ROVR radio show drops this Friday July 5th at 2pm.

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New Sculpture album, Max Ax announced

Sculpture – Max Ax (Official Audio) from Sculpture on Vimeo.

Dan and Reuben from Sculpture have announced a new album for release on August 2nd. The 11 track LP appears on 2 x 10″ zoetrope discs (below) and digital via Psyché Tropes and LTR Records.
You can listen to the track ‘Max Ax’ which gives the album its title above and order direct from the labels soon.

MA thumb 3.2
Sculpture passes

Acid Badges

39509-topaz-low resolution v2-2x
Numerous original acid or hippy badges found around the web, just because…
39511-topaz-low resolution v2-3x
39515-topaz-standard v2-2x
39516-topaz-low resolution v2-2x
39510-topaz-low resolution v3-2x
39513-topaz-low resolution v3-2x
39514-topaz-low resolution v3-2x
39117_13-topaz-low resolution v2-2x
God Is In-topaz-cgi-2x
LSD Color TV-topaz-cgi-2x
LSD travel agent-topaz-low resolution v2-2x
And finally, something I actually own and scored a few weeks back from a random trawl of eBay – an original Brainstorm Comix badge by Bryan Talbot. Brainstorm was one of the first British underground comics in the 1970s. Talbot’s Luther Arkwright started there and, although the comic was short-lived, it set him up as an artist of some considerable skill which led to him eventually drawing several books of Nemesis the Warlock for 2000AD.

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Mixcloud Select 200: Coldcut Solid Steel 3hr Spacetime mix 21/10/1994

MS200 3hr Spacetime mix 21:10:94 pt.1 tape
I’m ending on an epic – after more than four years, 199 uploads and seven exclusive mixes – a three hour Solid Steel with Matt, Jon and myself from October 1994. As the show aired between 1am-3am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning and the traditional time of putting the clocks back is 2am – smack bang in the middle of the show – we get an extra hour. For this reason, this mix was referred to as a Spacetime mix, due to the fact that we time travelled during it and thus needed several tapes to fit it on. I’ve got nearly two and half hours, some of which would have been taken up by adverts and some may have been missed with tape turnovers but let’s just say the remainder has disappeared into the space time continuum.

I’ve also slaved over this track list between Shazam, Matt & Jon’s incomplete track backs in the recording and my own fading memory. I’ve nearly got it but not quite. The fourth tune at the 15 min mark was really annoying me as I know it, Jon says it’s ‘Todd Terry – Bad Boys’ but there’s no such track that I can find. UK original Todd Terry licensee Champion had an offshoot called Bad Boys Records in the early 90s so I checked there but it’s none of those releases. Turns out it was his Hardhouse alias with the dub of the B side ’11:55’, subtitled ‘Bee Boys Dub’. When we were (hand) writing down the track lists on the PRS sheets for Kiss we’d sometimes not know exactly what had been played in what order, were cribbing through a pile of discarded records, some of which were white label promos and just had to guess. Then sometimes we couldn’t read each other’s hand writing or ran out of time to go through the list, with Matt’s favourite get-out clause being, ‘and other mystery beats’. All in all it created confusion and no doubt frustration for those who wanted to track down the songs but had no access to any form of internet database like Discogs.

MS200 3hr Spacetime mix 21:10:94 Pt.2 tape
My section is roughly in the middle with Matt and Jon either side, I’ve left them in for this one as it’s the only three hour show I’ve got in the archive and it’s the last of this run. I think the Art of Noise is my entry point with maybe the Attica Blues as the exit – no idea on the female led ‘dabba daaah’ tune after it or the Hendrix-sampling trip hop track after that which is, again, naggingly familiar. I’d got the white vinyl FSOL ‘Smokin’ Japanese Babe’ 12” shortly before this show and was so taken with it I played both sides in full alongside a bit of old school electro. I’m not going to go through every track as I’m writing this Thursday night but I hope you enjoy this nearly two and a half hour ‘rub’ to end this epic archive project. When all is said and done, the left over tapes are minimal; a one and half hour Sphinx mix from the end of 1994 (we did a lot in that year!) a few personal mixes that I did for friends that never aired on Solid Steel and a live recording of PC and I in Bristol in 1997 which is mostly Patrick leading. I’ll send that one to him and maybe he’ll put it up, the others I may put up for free later but for now I need a break from the weekly uploads.

If you still want access to all these uploads you’ll have to subscribe but I anticipate a drop off in numbers which is fine, the work is done and I thank everyone who contributed along the way, especially those who have been here from the start (are there any?). I’ll let someone else do the math but there’s quite a few hours worth up here now and these are just up until 2007/8, not the years after which should be a bit more readily available in general via solid, Mixcloud, Soundcloud and various other places. I’ll be concentrating on my new monthly radio show on ROVR – the Electrik Collage – the third of which dropped last Friday – listen back here. It’ll be good to be looking forward and playing new music – like we did on Solid Steel – rather than getting stuck in the nostalgia trap, nice as it can be. I’m keen to make the shows that soundtrack these times that I’ll hopefully enjoy listening back to in 20 years time.

Track list:
The Sex Pistols – Anarchy In The UK
Beastie Boys – Fight For Your Right To Party
The Aloof – Society
Hardhouse – 11:55 (Bee Boys Dub)
The Transplant – Afrocentric (Come Together)
Bedouin Ascent – Internal Bleeding
Acacia – Cord
Hydra – Song For a Fish
Spacetime Continuum – Ping Pong
LFO – Tied Up
Mephisto Odyssey – Dream of The Black Dahlia (Keyboard mix)
Art of Noise – Opus 4
The Firesign Theatre – Everything You Know Is Wrong
Far Out Son Of Lung – Ramblings of a Madman
Far Out Son Of Lung – Zeebox
Vapourspace – Gravitational Arch of 10
The 7th Plain – Think City
The Octagon Man – The Demented Spirit
Hashim – Al-Naayfisch (The Soul)
La Funk Mob – Motor Bass Gets Phunked Up (Electrofunk mix)
Herbie Hancock – Rockit
Arthur Baker – Breaker’s Revenge (Extended Vocal version)
Unknown – unknown ambient
Autechre – Montreal
Silence – Omid/Hope
Massive Attack – Euro Child
Inky Blacknuss – Desolator
Far Out Son Of Lung – Are They Fighting Us
Far Out Son Of Lung – Smokin’ Japanese Babe
Attica Blues – Contemplating Jazz
Unknown – female vocal
Unknown – unknown trip hop
Single Cell Orchestra – Call Me
The Auteurs va Mu-Ziq – Lenny Valentino (Mu-Ziq #3) (on 45rpm)
Spring Heel Jack – The Sea Lettuce
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Tong Poo (The Orb remix)
Freak Power – unknown

David Schiller and Jim Michaelson posters

Dave Schiller Jefferson Airplane 2
There’s not too much info out there about David Schiller, he was American and produced these posters in the late 60s for Sparta Graphics. The company was born from the successful dance concert series that Dave promoted in San Jose in 1966. Fellow student Jim Michaelson submitted the winning poster in Dave’s poster competition and, in the years that followed from 1966-1968, they published 16 posters. Working with San Francisco promoters Bill Graham and Sid Bernstein they created concert posters for The Byrds, The Bee Gees, Buffalo Springfield and Jefferson Airplane among others. Some were printed with metallic inks and some with vivid fluorescent day-glo inks.

Michaelson obviously had a thing for crazy flying contraptions and the poster above was actually painted on wood and photographed with real flowers, it was one of Bill Graham’s favourite posters. It’s not clear whether this influenced Ron Cobb‘s illustration for the cover of the Jefferson Airplane’s ‘After Bathing At Baxter’s’ LP which was released late 1967 but Michaelson’s first gig poster for the band was made in 1966 (see below).
Michaelson passed away in 2019 but his son, Rob, maintains a website in his memory with many other great examples of his work, including posters for Disney

Dave Schiller Bee Gees
Dave Schiller Buffalo Springfield
Dave Schiller Monkees
Dave Schiller The Monkees
Dave Schiller the Rascals
Dave Schiller The Young Rascals
Dave Schiller Sunday Afternoon
The posters below are from some of the gigs David put on and, I presume, by the same graphic team.

Dave Schiller Eric Burdon
Dave Schiller The Byrds
Dave Schiller Jefferson Airplane
Dave Schiller Syndicate of Sound
He also had a fine line in posters for cities and states – there are at least two variants of the New York poster in different colourways and with different mastheads. I’ve also seen these posters printed on linen.

Dave Schiller - California
Dave Schiller New York
Dave Schiller London
Dave Schiller San Francisco
Michaelson also did at least two calendars, variants of the same images for 1968 and 1969.

Sparta logo

Electrik Collage show #3

My new monthly radio show continues, the next episode streams at 2pm-4pm, Friday June 7th wherever you are in the world. Featuring bits and pieces from the in-box, recent buying trips whilst trying to keep a good portion of it current or new. There are dips back in time, sometimes where I’ve recently discovered something I missed a few years back. There are some re-edits too – usually just a nip and a tuck for my DJ sets to trim tracks down slightly but in the case of the Radio Slave mix I’ve actually combined elements of two different remixes and then edited them down. The Bishops of the Holy Rollers Fallout Shelter track is about the joys of VD, a little 45 I picked up recently at Mr Thing’s shop in Hastings, Pressing Matters – definitely one to check out. I’ve made some Electrik Collage jingles that will feature throughout the shows from now on (see one above) and there are over 40 of them so tune in and collect the set. Listen at ROVR radio, download the app to get archive access. APPLE or ANDROID

Show #3 tracklist 7th June 2024

DJ Food – Electrik Collage #12
Bassbin Twins – WORK
Reso – Raid
Effersay – This Sound
Indo Tribe – Obstinta
S’Express x Daddy Squad – Je Suis Acid (DJ Food edit)
Varonos – The Trip (ft Yanna Thomas)
Akufen – Death of a Mascot
Bassbin Twins – TUFF
Radio Slave – Children Of The E (DJ Food North+South Re-edit)
DJ Food – Electrik Collage #45
Patrick Carpenter – Lucky 7
The Dining Rooms – Common Questions
Jlin – Challenge (To Be Continued)
DJ Fokus – Get A Bearing
Jlin – Challenge (To Be Continued II)
DJ Food – Electrik Collage #12
Markey Funk – Japanese Fonts
Bishops of the Holy Rollers Fallout Shelter – It’s Free
Prefuse 73 – Vast Wildlife Poison (Scene Two)
Memorials – A Guaranty of Sanity
The Luvmenauts – Doing Jazz
Justin Warfield – All Of The Time
Homeboy Sandman & Edan – Unwavering Mind
Hard 2 Obtain – Babble On
Clocolan – Humantime
DJ Food – Electrik Collage #35
Champagne Dub – Refreshment Guy
Bsidewinsagain – 5 Minutes Of Fire (Instrumental)
Acid House Therapy – Existential Plasmodia
Hieroglyphic Being – Ogee
DJ Shadow – Changeling / Transmission 1 (drumless)

Mixcloud Select 199: Coldcut Solid Sphinx Strictly section 25/11/1994

MS199 Tape
As I’ve said before in these missives, a Solid Sphinx was an ad-free, minimal chat mix for two hours. The upside being that both we and the listeners could dive in and really immerse ourselves into the music without interruption between 1-3am. The downside is now evident when listening back and trying to identify the songs contained within as there were no track backs to let people know what was played. The old memory is unreliable three decades later and Shazam can’t identify everything you throw at it and so the track list for this upload is far from complete. Once again I implore anyone with a better recall to fill in the blanks here as I’m struggling although a couple are annoyingly familiar.

This show was at the tale end of 1994 and, to my trained ear, features all four of us in the original two hour rub. Kickstarted by PC, then I, Matt and finally Jon each took approx 30 minutes to mix and match whatever we had been feeling that week. This is just my section and I will forewarn you, it gets pretty nasty in places, certainly not a chill out half hour, you can almost feel the testosterone dripping from the speakers. Unknown DnB track 1 – no idea – in fact it may not even have come from my box, the lines are blurred as to where and when each of us end and begin but the second track, Caustic Visions, is definitely me. One of the group – I think his name was Tim possibly? – visited Ambient Soho one day brandishing their new single (actually Caustic Visions 2) and a brace of very well-designed promo posters. I was immediately taken with them and the disc was a fresh-sounding mix of acid, Gabber and industrial noise with a clear nod to Aphex Twin in both style and title (Caustic Window being one of his aliases). Always looking for the latest thing, I jumped on it and kept in touch, collecting several of their other releases, some of which were on Industrial Strength, the US hardcore techno label run by Lenny Dee. At one point I was convinced that Gabber would be the next thing to blow up but it never really caught on in the UK to the extent it did in Europe.

Anyway, I really liked what CV did and kept an eye on them for the few years that they were active as they always seemed to be occupying their own corner of the techno world. Three unidentifiable tracks follow; a rattle-y Amen-led DnB breakfest that seems to pre-figure Plug and Squarepusher with those rapid-fire machine gun edits and another that stops and starts like a scratch DJ who can’t keep their finger off the turntable stop button. Bridging the two is a wall of looping 8-bit noise that was also by Caustic Visions but the two DnB tracks show off my love of highly-detailed drum cut up programming before DJ Crystl’s classic ‘Let It Roll’ arrives to calm the waters somewhat. Crystl was originally the DJ with UK rap group The Brotherhood under the name of DJ Pump Action but left to pursue a DnB career before they achieved commercial success. ‘Let It Roll’ was a fresh sound at the time, even though the genre was still in its infancy. Racing in at what almost seems like double time is another unknown tune, and I’m barely keeping it in time at points before the actual track breaks down itself and shudders to a stop.

Mark Van Hoen’s Locust project was a big favourite back then, he didn’t and still doesn’t sound like anyone else and there were a lot of Aphex copyists around in the early 90s. You stood out by being original and having your own sound. With his spindly IDM and Designers Republic-designed sleeves he should have been on Warp by all accounts but wound up on the next best thing, R&S. I’d forgotten the next classic; this got a LOT of play at the time, a Sabres of Paradise remix of the Wolfgang Press of all people! They did two of which this was the second and I’m mixing the extended percussion breakdown of ‘Trans Europe Express’ over the middle of it for some time. The last track was a frustrating head scratcher until I ran across it by complete chance whilst researching something else just yesterday. Coming on like a slower version of Soul Coughing’s ‘Super Bon Bon’ (the Propellerheads remix – they must have used the same break) – it was local group Camberwell Butterflies with a track entitled ‘Gloop’ from their sole release on The Chill Out Label.

Next week is upload 200 and I’ve still not decided what it will be… with that I bring this round of Mixcloud Select weekly uploads to an end after 4+ years of almost weekly activity. The CDrs are done, as are the DATs and there are just a handful of tapes left. My third show for ROVR radio debut’s today at 2pm worldwide with two hours of new music and a sprinkling of oldies or obscurities. Tune in at 2pm wherever you are in the world

Track list:
Unknown DnB 1 – unknown
Caustic Visions – Contortion
Unknown DnB 2 – unknown
Caustic Visions – Virex
Unknown DnB 3 – unknown
DJ Crystl – Let It Roll
Unknown – Unknown
Locust – Good God
The Wolfgang Press – 11 Years (Sabres Main Mix 2)
Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express
Camberwell Butterflies – Gloop

Mixcloud Select 198: Coldcut Solid Sphinx live – Strictly highlights 14/10/1994

MS198 Tape
As described in earlier posts, a Solid Sphinx was an occasional Solid Steel show – usually live – with no ads and very little talking. It might have been that there were no ads booked in that week, no ‘reads’ (KISS-affiliated announcements to be made during the show) or just that there were only a few ads lined up and we conveniently forgot to air them. Either way, it was heads down and concentrate on the mix for two hours rather than have an eye on the clock for the next ad break.

What we have here are some edited parts of a 2 hour Sphinx where I was in control, I think Matt started the show off with a 30 minute mix, then me, then PC finished up, I don’t think Jon was around for this one. It’s marked as live on the tape which means we probably did it Saturday night directly to air whereas we usually pre-recorded it on a Friday night around 9pm if memory serves. I’ve snipped out some bits here and there just to make it a bit more digestible but you get the flavour – trip hop, electro, old school hip hop and spoken word interludes. I had acquired a copy of the Firesign Theatre’s Everything You Know is Wrong album and eagerly added some passages in here and there to add to the usual Coldcut Word Treasure jingles. We kick off with the end of Matt’s mix, some early jungle, and I come in with a Digidub tune that was a regular spin back in the day.

Cue Coldcut’s ‘More Beats’ on 45rpm then switched down to 33 for a tempo change before the underrated and overshadowed (by UNKLE on the A side) Howie B vs Major Force ‘Martian Economics’ – a fab slice or early trip hop if ever there was one. I loved that 12”, to me it embodied everything I wanted from ‘trip hop’ – dusty drums, weird electronics, samples and spoken world with a sci-fi touch. M.S.P. stood for Manic Street Preachers and the track ‘Faster’ was taken from a ‘promo’ 12” named Done & Dusted, featuring versions of MSP tracks made over by The Dust Brothers before they had to change their name to the Chemical variety of siblings. This was early big beat colliding with rock – as the Chems would perfect later, more electro than trip hop but still coming from similar sources, very exciting at the time – no idea if I still have it in the collection.

Kraftwerk cycle into the mix with ‘Tour de France’ – never ages – before an ambient breakdown I can’t identify and a clip of Matt Black’s dad reading a text called ‘The Ninth World’. There was an ad break here, or the tape ended but we proceed with Air Liquide’s ‘ The Increased Difficulty of Concentration’ and into Two Sandwiches Short of a Lunchbox which was Andrea Parker and David Morley on the Apollo label, an ambient subsidiary of R&S records. Weirdly I’ve just designed an LP sleeve for David for De:tuned records, how odd the way things circle back? The Dust Brothers are back with ‘Dust Up Beats’ from their My Mercury Mouth EP, I was obviously smitten and hoovering up everything I could find by them (which was probably less than 5 releases at the time including remixes). We slip into a couple of old hip hop classics, evidently played directly from Street Sounds Electro 4 by the sound of it as the two mix into each other exactly the same. I still think D.St’s mix of Herbie Hancock is one of the greatest mega mixes of all time, he obviously had access to the studio tapes and a proper studio to do it in but it’s a superb creation.

A brief blast of the Firesign Theatre before a track I’d forgotten all about, GTO’s ‘Dub Killer’ from their Data Trax vol.1 12” – a great example of odd little B side experiments that would turn up on dance singles around this time, very Renegade Soundwave / trip hop-sounding. Autechre’s ‘Teartear’ from Amber is up next, a track I still play out occasionally with its tempo switch down. Sheila Chandra was a big element of my ambient sets a couple of years earlier after I found a clutch of her LPs in Cheapo Cheapo’s in Soho. Her ‘Mecca’ track from the Roots & Wings album is a bit out of tune here but mercifully not for long. Tori Amos’s ‘God’ appeared in a variety of mixes including three from Carl Craig but my favourite was by The Joy – possibly their only remix work aside for one for D:REAM – and a 12 minute+ epic. Looking them up I found they were fond of long tracks with two mixes of their debut, ‘Shine’, clocking in at 27 minutes each(!). Denise Johnson was part of the group and they did work with her later, it’s very much in that post-ambient / baggy / Screamadelica / long Sabres of Paradise remix mode that was the thing around then.

Encoded tapes
Only one more entry until we hit the magic 200 mark and this series comes to an end. I probably have less than 10 tapes left and not all of them are going to be uploaded as I don’t want to go over the 200 mark at the moment. I also have drawers full of encoded cassettes I don’t want/need now so if anyone wants to make me an offer to take custody of them then feel free. I’m trying to clear things out that have been with me for decades that I don’t need.

Track list:
Coldcut – Solid Steel intro
L.S. Diezel & Launch Dat – Rougher Than A Lion
Coldcut – More Beats (on 45/33 rpm)
Howie B Vs. Major Force E.M.S. Orchestra – Martian Economics (Unified Plant Theory)
M.S.P. – Faster (7-11 Dub)
Kraftwerk – Tour de France
Matt’s Dad – The Ninth World
Air Liquide – The Increased Difficulty of Concentration
Two Sandwiches Short of a Lunchbox – Too Good To be Strange
The Dust Brothers – Dust-Up-Beats
Pumpkin & The Profile All-Stars – Here Comes That Beat!
Herbie Hancock – Megamix
The Firesign Theatre – Everything You Know Is Wrong!
GTO – Dub Killer
Autechre – Teartear
Sheila Chandra – Mecca
Tori Amos – God (The Dharma Kaya mix)

Buy Music Club Recommends June 2024

Buy Music Club June 24
Getting back into some 90s hip hop this month, some new – dare I say it – trip hop and other assorted styles. The Dave Morley is a new cover designed for De:tuned and if you ever wanted my re-edit of the Sesame Street ‘Pinball Number Count’ then I found out recently that Galaxy Sound Co. have put it (uncredited) on a 45.

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Mixcloud Select 197: DJ Food Live In NZ Edit (Dec 2003) 29/04/2004

MS197 DJ Food Live In NZ Edit (Dec 2003) 29:04:2004 CDr
A typical club set from around the early ’00s with a mash up of DnB, acappellas, hip hop and other beats, recorded live whilst on tour in New Zealand at the end of 2003. The recording is fairly compressed as it must be a feed from the desk and we drop in probably for the latter half of the set as it’s in full flow and I’ve reached the drum and bass section. I probably had two decks and a Numark CDJ for this and several classic mixes are in there including PC’s ‘Mirror In The Bathroom/Square Off’ combination from Now, Listen, DJ Zinc/Rodney P, Nas/DJ Shadow and Beastie Boys/Lisa Maffia which were all staples of the set around this time. There’s a live take on the Obie Trice beat cut up featured on a previous mix upload and I float a bit of Shirley Bassey’s ‘Light My Fire’ over Un-Cut’s ‘Midnight’ track who sample the strings from her version. Anyway, I won’t pontificate on the contents but there’s lot of obvious stuff in here including 3 DJ Food tracks which is a rarity for me.

MS197 DJ Food Live In NZ Edit (Dec 2003) 29:04:2004 PRS
We’re heading towards upload 200 and I’ve still decided what I’m going to do for it but thanks to everyone who’s stuck with this for the last four years. We’re nearly there, virtually everything worth hearing is encoded and uploaded now and it’s going to be good to move on from this and concentrate on my new monthly show on ROVR radio where I’m trying to concentrate on new music if possible (or new to me). The next show is June 7th but you can listen back to the first two episodes via the phone app which gives you access to the archive.

2 Tall – Luminous Thongs Solid Steel intro
Krust & Die present – Movin’ Fast
Nextmen vs Cyantific feat. Dynamite MC – High Score
Un-Cut – Midnight (Mist 2003 remix)
Pharoah Monch – Got You (DnB remix)
DJ Zinc – Reach Out (remix)
Rodney P – Riddim Killa
The Beat – Mirror In the Bathroom
Mask – Square Off
DJ Food – Scratch Yer Hed (Squarepusher remix)
DJ Food – Mr Scruff Megamix
DJ Shadow – Right Thing (Z Trip Party mix)
Nas – I Can (acappella)
DJ Food – Dark Lady
Quantic Soul Orchestra – Pushin’ On (acapella)
Diverse, RJD2, Lyrics Born – Explosive
Prince – Sign O The Times (Rootz n Workz remix)
Return of the Returner – Throwdown No.1
Obie Trice – Got Some Teeth (acappella)
Phill Most Chill – On Tempo Jack
Beastie Boys – 33% God
Lisa Maffia – All Over (acapella)
Dsico – Bille Jean Dub
Derrick Largo & Trinity – Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough

The New Obsolescents’ LP exclusives at Wow and Flutter from this Saturday

W+F flyer 2 A4
As it says above – Wow and Flutter in Hastings will have the 20 unique LPs for sale that we displayed during our live instore last month. As you can see in the video at the top, each one has a hand-assembled, screenprinted sleeve on a different type of holographic card in a variety of printings (black/white ink and postive/negative image inversions). These were all test ideas for the second print run of the LP and were passed over in favour of the prism effect card we eventually used.

Castles in Space had 20 extra sleeveless copies of the LP left over from the second batch (silver and white swirl vinyl) and so we married them up for this unique final run. Wow and Flutter are the only people selling these anywhere in the world, they will be a highly affordable £25 each and it’s first come, first served plus they’ll let you pick your favourite sleeve from the bunch – a Castle’s in Space completist’s nightmare but there you go.

Here’s a quick blast of a bit of our instore performance which will possibly wind up on the next album in some form or other. Video by Tim Scullion from W&F – also if you’ve not heard the podcast Tim does with Paul Field under the name We Buy Records then check that out too.